Our Legal Experts and Advice

Legal Experts and Advice

Our Lawyers

The lawyers who work with Astianatte.com represent many professionals each specialized in a specific branch of law.
Specialization, accrued during the years of occupation, the ownership of certain academic degrees are of Astianatte.com lawyers one of the most gregarious legal groups in the web world.
Each of the professionals is regularly admitted to the lawyers, and operates in strict compliance with the principles and rules laid down by the Forensic Code and the related national tariff.

The activities of lawyers working in this site is based on the utmost legal professionalism, promptness and competence and is therefore correspondingly remunerated.
The services offered are numerous and constantly growing: legal advice, drafting contracts of all kinds, writing letters, the arbitration resolutions are just some of the services offered and realized as a team. The work assigned to the Astianatte.com lawyers is played often in groups and supervised by a supervisor who oversees its assigned responsibilities.


The lawyers who work with Astianatte.com allow you, in the utmost impartiality, to decide your every dispute without contacting the judicial authorities, with considerable savings in time and money.
The dispute that you have with other parties, will be decided by experienced lawyers in the field of law relating to that dispute, and with long experience in the field of conflict resolution.
The panel of judges consists of a single arbitrator (or, at your request, by three arbitrators), represented by a lawyer and, if the dispute requires the resolution of a technical question, from other professional experts appointed from among those who cooperate with Astianatte.com.
The pronounced arbitrator, cd. arbitration award will be issued within a very short time and will allow you to expose your reasons by letter, phone and even live availing, where applicable, of a private chat in which you will present you, the arbitrator and the other party conflict.
The arbitrarily award efficacy of judgment and substitutes, then, that of the Court.
Ask for a free estimate for the resolution of your dispute, we will send in a short time the unique name of the referee and the cost of the arbitration award.

Professions we specialise in


Through the architects who work with Astianatte it is now possible to offer a wide range of services ranging from furniture to interior building design, from urban planning to the landscape. Each of the individual branches of activity is done by professionals registered in the register and with many years experience in their field, with direct contact between professional and client similar to what happens in the common practical experience; activity, in fact, uses the usual and traditional means of communication that allow even novice user to use the services offered by web

Business Consultant

The accountants who work with Astianatte.com. Professionals are enrolled in the respective membership register and operate in compliance with the code of ethics and the principles set by the National Council of Chartered Accountants.
The advice and the work they carry out informing the utmost seriousness and experience gained through years of professional activity.
The professional activity is carried out personally by the professional assigned without intervening corporate drawings or otherwise, currently prohibited by the law. In response to your request for quote the cost will be indicated in the request, the name of the Accountant who will take care for your assignment and the maximum time it will be conducted, what the sol order to ensure maximum transparency


Astianatte.com collaborate with experts employment consultants who offer their professional advice on all issues related to the world of work is that they affect the economic, accounting, legal or simply social security of the employment relationship. The consulting services will appeal, both to private individuals and businesses, and regards both the simple assistance as the litigation stage of the employment contract through qualified professionals; some of labor consultants exercise, in fact, their professional activities in the guise of office consultants and part, first of an ordinary court, and this is another synonym of seriousness and preparation.
The services offered are the continued growth and concern, but not limited to, economic, accounting, legal, and social security of the ordinary and extraordinary employment, including recruitment, dismissal, accident, remuneration, severance indemnities , compensation, pregnancy and in general any issue of public employment and private employment

Gynecologist and Obstetrician

The gynecological and obstetric consultations are carried out, in line with scientific and technical applications need, quickly and professionally and in conformance with the ethical standards set by the National Order of Physicians.

Each of the medical consultations is made out by a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, registered as a doctor and with deep knowledge and specific experience in their professional field.
The consultations and medical consultations are carried out on the basis of specific requests from the patients and are performed on the basis of scientific evidence and international guidelines as well as the most agitation. Agni bibliography precisely, mail or other data submitted is protected by professional secrecy , it is not known by anybody but the gynecologist professional indicator. At any case, we will delete the mail with which you have requested your quote and all data, sent by you, will be canceled immediately if you decide to go ahead with the consultation.


The graphs that cooperate with Astianatte.com are aimed to meet the advertising and communication needs of your company by putting it in a position to compete in an increasingly complex market and competition. Services that offer concerning the creation of advertising campaigns, the study of ‘coordinated image’, the design of a catalog, the design of promotional action … always taking into account the customer’s needs, with the professionalism that they put in the work.
Growing the services offered by the graphics currently concern: Study and development corporate image; Study and implementation of technical and advertising boards; Study and design of promotional activities at point of sale; targeted publishing projects; Study and realization of packaging.


infrastructure planning, industrial development, safety studies and technical applications of fire regulations, safety at work are just some of the activities and the typical engineer’s services, from today, you can request using the technical expertise and professionalism of the engineers who cooperate with Astianatte.com.
The seriousness of the consulting engineering and speed of service allow the understanding and resolution of problems in time, respectful of completeness, are much reduced compared with traditional professional activities and allow you to offer a complete service, swift and highly professional having only privileged and competent interlocutor.Verification of the reliability of our services indicated by your side.


Astianatte.com collaborate with experienced psychologists who help you in the strictest of confidence and discretion, to solve all your problems of psychological origin. The aid is provided by an expert psychologist who will be assigned in relation to the issue you mail and methodology help necessarily. In case of advice specific needs will be carried out by the psychologist with the help of other employees engaged in other research areas medical, in which case they will always be required to comply with the maximum confidentiality.
Psychological support or mere professional consultation is carried out by professionals enrolled in the respective register of membership, with certain university cooperation, and in compliance with the strict rules laid down by the code of ethics of the order of psychiatry. The counseling will be conducted with the help of traditional means of communication for people who are long distance (telephone, videophone) and also, for written opinions, with the means of modern electronic technology (email and chat reserved in some cases).